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Services for Babies and Children

  • Specialist physiotherapy assessment and summary report

  • One to one physiotherapy sessions.

  • Sessions at our clinic, at home or nursery/school
  • Bi-annual specialist upper limb clinic including splint provision (Occupational Therapy led).

  • Access to orthotic, Second skin and spasticity management clinics.

  • Support at school and nursery.

  • Support with EHCP reports and assessments

  • Intense Therapy Blocks

  • SDR Rehab

  • Fun "sneaky physio" sessions


  • Group music and movement sessions for little ones aged 0-3 with developmental delay.

  • Group movement, balance and strength sessions for primary aged children who are mobile.

  • Complex posture assessment and 24-hour posture management

  • Assessment and recommendation of specialist equipment such as sleep systems, standing frames, walking aids and seating

  • Links with equipment providers and specialist services

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